Delta R. Bowers, DM President

Dr. Delta R. Bowers is a former Professor of Management and Marketing in the Sydney Lewis School of Business at Virginia Union University (VUU). She has served as the Interim Dean and has been instrumental in establishing relationships between VUU, Virginia Commonwealth University, and University of Virginia MBA Programs to create a pathway for VUU Students to enter MBA programs. Dr. Bowers is the visionary of the Ruth Coles Harris Leadership Institute along with the faculty in the Sydney Lewis School of Business, and Dr. Ruth Coles Harris. Dr. Bowers is a Senior Continuity of Operations/Government expert, leader, and manager with more than 25 years in technical and management consulting, financial analysis, budget analysis and control, auditing, legislative analysis, regulatory and compliance management, and administration.

Dr. Bowers facilitated partnerships between Wall Street firms. She is Founding President of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Richmond Metropolitan Area Chapter, President of the Chickahominy Bluffs Homeowners’ Association, President of the Northern Henrico Civic Association, Former Social Chair for the Executive Women’s Golf Association of Richmond, Virginia, and a recipient of the NAACP Community Service Award. Dr. Bowers holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics, a Master of General Administration in Financial Management, and a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership.  Dr. Bowers resumed her position as President & CEO of DRB & Associates Consultants, LLC, a management consulting firm on May 31, 2020.

DRB & Associates Consultants, LLC

Dr. Delta R. Bowers, President & CEO publishes book,
“Leading Holistically and the Impact on Employee Retention”

As corporate America transitions into the 21st Century, the need for effective leadership that can transcend employees from all cultural and educational backgrounds is essential. The success of organizations depends on leaders who can yield the results necessary to be competitive, retain employees, and generate net income. This book explored and measured employee retention at a private sector, non-profit organization in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and several other companies over a six week period to determine if leading holistically, defined as integration of the body, mind, and spirit (Von Krosigk, 2006), was a viable leadership style that could meet the organizational challenges of the twenty-first century, specifically retention of knowledge-worker employees. According to Von Krosigk, holistic leaders use their emotional intelligence to understand and make critical decisions that impact the organization on the whole.

The question is what type of leader are you and what type of leader would you prefer to work for in this 21st Century knowledge worker landscape?

The Book will reveal the following:
• Types of Leadership Styles that Correlate with Holistic Leadership
• Employee Leadership Preferences
• Attributes of Holistic Leadership
• Examples of Holistic Leaders

Dr. Delta R. Bowers

Dr. Bowers, NCBW RMAC, thanks you for your leadership, dedication and unwavering love for the sisters of our organization. You are truly an inspiration and the definition of a Phenomenal Woman and Trailblazer.