DRB & Associates Consultants, LLC is a full service minority and woman owned consultant firm based in Richmond, Virginia and Washington, DC. DRB & Associates Consultants, LLC principals have more than 30 years of experience in management consulting, training and development, diversity, equity and inclusion, and the legal field. DRB & Associates Consultants, LLC is committed to delivering high quality training, digital accessibility testing and consulting services. We provide customized strategic planning and training services to employers and employees designed to build a culture of inclusiveness, dignity and respect.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultative Services:
Training and Development:

❑ Prevention of Sexual Harassment
❑ Disability Sensitivity & Awareness
❑ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
❑ Examine the Dynamics of an Inclusive Climate
❑ Identify Enablers of Inclusiveness
❑ Create an Inclusive Climate
❑ Unconscious Bias Training
❑ Establish Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Rules of Engagement
❑ Establish Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Charter
❑ Establish Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan
❑ Prevention of Sexual Harassment
❑ The Role of the Bystander
❑ Emotional Intelligence

Management Consulting Services:

❑ Organizational Assessments
❑ Strategic Planning
❑ Continuity of Operations Planning Services
❑ Business Process Improvement Services
❑ Needs Analysis
❑ Feasibility Studies
❑ Requirements Analysis
❑ Business Advisory Services
❑ Legislative Analysis
❑ Risk Analysis
❑ Document Management Services
❑ White Paper Development Services
❑ Business Plan Development Services
❑ Events Management
❑ Staffing Solutions

 Dr. Delta R. Bowers, President  • 703-785-8026 • drbassoc2@gmail.com
Carmen Daugherty, Principal  • 703-304-8188 • cdaugh1245@aol.com
Cathy Wysong  • 804-625-6349 • crwysong@yahoo.com

Past Performances

• Ginnie Mae
• Information Engineering Services
• The Bluestone Group
• FCD, Incorporated
• Ruth Coles Harris Leadership Institute
• Virginia Union University
• Policy Pathways, Incorporated
• National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. RMAC
• Chickahominy River Women’s Society
• Northern Henrico Civic Association

DRB’S Management Consulting Process Map